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How can Bondyn help you?..

They’ve been there!

With the majority of Bondyn’s Employees having either run or managed crushing/mining operations they understand your needs, can identify problem areas and can help instruct your team to help with smooth daily operations of your plant.

Plant Audits

With Plant Audits, their team can identify areas for improvement, make recommendations and help implement the right solutions that work for you and your application. Bondyn is accountable, preparing audit reports and follow up findings that detail and quantify the benefits achieved.

Maintenance Seminars

Your maintenance team has a substantial impact on operations. The purpose of Bondyn’s Maintenance Seminars is to empower your team with confidence and knowledge, that they can apply when they perform their day to day responsibilities.

So what can Bondyn do for you?

  • Optimize plant performance.

  • Analyze premature failures, determine the cause and suggest solutions.

  • Recommend and implement changes and suggest supporting products to improve your plant operations.

  • Provide knowledge and tools to perform daily maintenance, installations and failure analysis.

  • Empower plant personnel by providing hands on training to perform maintenance, installations and knowledge to analyze and prevent premature failures.

We have the ability to analyze and make recommendations on all aspects of Plant Operations. Regardless of how unique the situation, we pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding your expectations for your specific requirments.

Get us working for you.

Meet the Team

Regional service with a global reach, they do everything with their core values of honesty, commitment & trust.

Rick Dopheide
Rick DopheideCanada/Global Regions Consultant
“We don’t just sell parts, we provide measurable solutions. Let’s work together to increase your efficiency and boost your bottom line.”
Steve Hulme
Steve Hulme Inside Sales
“With over 25 years of service in the aggregate industry and ready to process your order.”
Phil Hartung
Phil Hartung Canada/Global Regions Consultant
“I consider it my personal mission to help my customers increase their productivity, decrease their downtime and improve their throughput. I ran a crushing and screening operation for many years, and I know just how critical efficiency is to operational profits”
James Guest
James GuestEastern Ontario Consultant
“With 25 years in the aggregate industry I have come to recognize the value of service. From my experience with a ground up approach when analyzing operational situations, I take great pride in having the ability to share with customers this level of service. Gaining customers trust is a personal target that I strive to attain while meeting and surpassing their expectations.”
Eliezer Araujo
Eliezer Araujo Caribbean & Central America Consultant
“My main goal is to help you to maximize your day to day operation’s profitability with world class products and outstanding service.”

“Mi objetivo principal es ayudarle a maximizar la rentabilidad de sus operaciones diarias con productos de clase mundial y un servicio sobresaliente.”